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Battery Giant offers a complete line of highly reliable consumer, heavy-duty commercial & industrial, and automotive & truck battery chargers. Find a wide selection of solar battery chargers from Sunsei, a leading advance technology manufacturer, for sale at Battery Giant. Choose your battery charger by selecting your manufacturer, the charger type, or by the battery voltage.

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Battery Giant Is A Trusted Battery Charger Provider

Battery Charger | Chargers for Batteries

Looking for a battery charger? Battery Giant is the trusted industry leader for the widest selection of battery charger replacements. Through our expansive collection of battery chargers, searching for the right size, application or manufacturer recommended battery charger is simple. Battery Giant strives to sustain an environmentally friendly enterprise as a trusted battery charger provider. If you are looking for the most comprehensive offering of the best priced battery chargers, Battery Giant is the top source for a wide range of premium battery charger replacements.

Great Deals On Car Battery Chargers, Solar Battery Chargers & More

Shop the Battery Giant online store for great deals on battery chargers as well as other battery needs. You can explore our inventory of battery chargers by manufacturer, charger type or voltage, ensuring that your new battery charger suit your specific needs. At Battery Giant, we offer some of the lowest prices for battery chargers. In addition, we back our inventory of replacement battery chargers with more than a decade of service and support in the retail battery charger industry. Find great deals on battery chargers with Battery Giant.

Battery Charger Replacements For Many Applications

If you are looking for replacement battery charger for a specific application, Battery Giant has you covered. We offer an extensive supply of various battery chargers for many applications. Whether you are looking for a car battery charger, laptop battery charger, cell phone battery charger or camera battery charger, we can provide the specific battery charger to fit your application. And if you already know the part number of the replacement battery charger you are looking for, use Battery Giant's Quick Order option to make your battery charger purchase even quicker and easier.

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Battery Chargers Info | Battery Charger FAQs

At Battery Giant, we want our customers to be happy with their replacement battery charger. We achieve this by providing our customers with all the information they need regarding replacement battery chargers. In addition, we can help you find a specific battery charger for almost any application. Battery Giant offers additional help in targeting the exact battery charger or battery chargers you are seeking. Below are basic battery charger FAQs to help answer any of your general battery charger questions.

Q: How can I maximize the performance of my battery charger?
A: Although battery chargers are a broad category of products, there are many ways to help maximize the performance of a basic battery charger:

  1. Keep your battery charger or battery chargers and the contact terminals as clean as possible. Avoid using most battery chargers outdoors or in risky environments.
  2. Avoid exposing battery chargers to extremely hot conditions. This can cause a battery charger to malfunction.
  3. Keep the battery charger active. If possible, avoid letting battery chargers sit dormant for long periods of time.
  4. If you anticipate your battery charger to be idle for a long period of time, store your battery chargers in a cool, dry and safe location.
  5. Keep battery chargers away from extremely cold temperatures. If some battery chargers are exposed to very cold temperatures for long periods of time, a battery charger may experience long-term damage.

Q: What if the battery charger get hot while being used?
A: It is typical for a battery charger to warm while being used, however, a battery charger should not get hot. If a battery charger gets hot while being used, the battery charger may be defective. In this case, it is recommended to discontinue using the battery charger. To avoid such problems associated with a battery charger, be sure that the battery charger you use is suitable for the device you are charging. Using a different brand battery charger or voltage battery charger for an unsuitable device can cause complications and potential damage.

Q: Can a battery charger induce overcharging?
A: It is unusual for a battery charger to induce overcharging. The advancements in battery chargers make it very difficult to overcharge certain devices. Some battery chargers may have overcharge protection built in. It is highly unlikely that leaving a device in a battery charger for an extended period of time will result in damage. However leaving some devices in a battery charger for a very long period of time, or after the device is fully charged, may induce some overcharging problems. For safety reasons, we recommend monitoring a device while it is in a battery charger. Additionally, do not attempt using a battery charger for a device that is unsuitable for that specific battery charger.

Q: What is the safest and most responsible way to dispose of a battery charger?
A: We advise disposing of a old battery charger to an organization that is established to properly handle and dispose of battery chargers in an environmentally friendly manner. Such battery charger disposal organizations exist in most areas throughout the U.S. Additionally, many retail stores now offer services for battery charger and battery cell disposal. Battery Giant promotes proper disposal of battery chargers and can offer further insight regarding disposing and recycling of your old battery charger. Additionally, certain battery chargers can be refurbished. If you believe your battery charger can be refurbished, we recommend consulting an expert to see if your battery charger can be refurbished or if some battery charger components can be reused.

Q: What should I consider when purchasing a battery charger?
A: There are many important factors to consider when buying a battery charger. While shopping for a battery charger, it is critical to consider application, voltage and warranty. We advise getting a recommendation from the battery or device manufacturer to find out which types of battery chargers will suit your device. Below are some general factors to consider while selecting a battery charger.

Make sure the battery charger you are looking for will work appropriately. Check the specifications and dimensions of the device to ensure your battery charger will synchronize correctly. The voltage of the battery charger should match that of your device. We do not recommend applying a battery charger with low voltage charging to a device that requires a high voltage battery charger. Further, do not use a high voltage battery charger for a device that typically uses a low voltage battery charger or a trickle battery charger.

Also, consider the battery charger warranty period. We recommend choosing a battery charger or battery chargers with a warranty period that best fits your needs. In general, your device manufacturer will provide guidance in finding the right battery chargers to compliment your device. In addition, Battery Giant makes it easy to shop for battery chargers. Simply search for a battery charger you are looking for, and confirm the available battery charger with that of your device specifications. Pinpointing the compatibility of some battery chargers can be determined with device manuals and manufacturer recommendations.

Q: What causes a battery charger to fail? A: There are several factors that can contribute to the failure of a battery charger. Excessive heat can dry out battery chargers and the device's battery cells. This is a common reason for the failure of many battery chargers. Extreme cold weather can sometimes put a heavier drain on some battery chargers. This is also a contributor to a battery charger failing. Other possible factors that can cause a battery charger to fail include corroded terminals or electrical shorts within the battery charger components. These are just some of the common causes of a battery charger failing. Battery chargers can vary in composition, which can influence exactly how battery charger depreciates.

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Battery Charger, Battery Chargers, Chargers For Batteries, Car Battery Chargers, Solar Battery Chargers - Battery Giant - Battery Charger, Battery Chargers, Chargers For Batteries, Car Battery Chargers, Solar Battery Chargers - Battery Giant -