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Airsoft Gun Battery Chargers

Battery Giant has Multi-Current Smart Chargers for Airsoft NiMh / NiCd Battery Packs. We offer high quality Airsoft Gun battery chargers at a low cost. To find the correct battery charger for your Airsoft Gun battery pack, select the voltage of the battery below. These chargers can also be used to charge batteries created with ourĀ Custom Airsoft Battery Pack Builder.

Airsoft Gun Battery Charger FAQ

At Battery Giant, we want our customers to be happy with their Airsoft charger purchase. We achieve this by providing our customers with all the information they need regarding Airsoft chargers. Below are basic Airsoft battery charger FAQs to help answer any of your general Airsoft charger questions.

Q: What should I consider when purchasing an Airsoft charger?
A: There are two important factors to consider when buying Airsoft chargers. While shopping for an Airsoft charger, it is critical to consider ampere charge and voltage. Although it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's recommended guidelines in attaining the correct Airsoft charger, below are some general factors to consider while selecting an Airsoft battery charger.

First, you have to make sure the Airsoft charger will work correctly. To ensure proper functionality of your Airsoft battery charger, it is important to seek Airsoft chargers that provide adequate voltage. Battery Giant offers Airsoft chargers that support Airsoft guns ranging from 4.8 volts to 12 volts. These Airsoft chargers are capable of charging most types of Airsoft guns.

The second Airsoft charger consideration to take is the ampere charge options of the Airsoft battery charger. Some Airsoft chargers allow only a .5 A charge rate. Where as other Airsoft gun chargers render a 1 A charge rate. For optimal Airsoft battery charger versatility, Battery Giant also provides a Smart Charger Airsoft charger with both 1 A and 2 A charging options.

For any specific questions regarding Airsoft battery chargers, consult the experts at Battery Giant. They can help you pinpoint the correct Airsoft charger to meet your needs.