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Optima Battery | Optima Batteries On Sale

Optima Batteries  - The OPTIMA battery is like no other battery in the world. The unique Spiral cell design of high-performance Optima batteries offer the most advanced technology and provides a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's filled lead-acid batteries. With an Optima battery under your hood, you can count on a longer lasting battery life for starting and deep-cycle applications.

Optima Battery Application Guide:

Starting Power
Starting and Deep Cycle
Automotive Terminal
Starting and Deep Cycle
Marine & RV Terminal
Seasonal Vehicles
High Performance Vehicles
Car Audio
4-Wheel Drive
Auxiliary Power Electric
Emergency Vehicles
Power House
Leisure Boats
Trolling Motors
Electric Outboards

Battery Giant Is A Trusted Optima Battery Provider

Optima Battery Replacements | High Performance Optima Batteries

Looking for a high performance Optima battery? Battery Giant is the trusted industry leader for a wide selection of replacement Optima batteries. Through our expansive collection of Optima batteries, searching for the right size, application or manufacturer recommended Optima battery is simple. Battery Giant strives to sustain an environmentally friendly enterprise as a trusted replacement Optima battery provider. If you are looking for the most comprehensive offering of the best priced Optima batteries, Battery Giant is the top source for a wide range of replacement Optima batteries.

Great Deals On Optima Batteries

Shop the Battery Giant online store for great deals on Optima batteries as well as many other brand batteries. You can explore our inventory of Optima batteries by application, ensuring that your Optima battery purchase suits your specific needs. At Battery Giant, we offer some of the lowest prices for Optima batteries. In addition, we back our inventory of premium Optima batteries with more than a decade of service and support in the retail battery industry. Find great deals on replacement Optima batteries with Battery Giant.

Optima Battery Replacements For The Top Manufacturers

If you are looking for an Optima battery for a specific purpose, Battery Giant has you covered. We offer an extensive supply of Optima batteries for many vehicles and applications. Whether you are looking for a solar Optima battery, automotive Optima battery, marine Optima battery or an Optima battery for starting power, we can provide the specific Optima battery to fit your application. And if you already know the Optima battery part number, use Battery Giant's Quick Order option to make your Optima battery purchase even quicker and easier.

Optima Battery. Optima Batteries. Deep Cycle Optima Marine Battery. Optima Deep Cycle Marine Battery. Optima Motorcycle Battery. Battery Giant Has A Huge Inventory Of Low Priced, Premium Optima Batteries For Marine, Automotive and More. Shop Battery Giant at Optima Batteries Available Now Call 877-523-0070

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Optima Batteries Info | Optima Battery FAQs

At Battery Giant, we want our customers to be happy with their Optima battery purchase. We achieve this by providing our customers with all the information they need regarding Optima batteries. Below are basic Optima battery FAQs to help answer any of your general Optima battery questions.

Q: Why is it that Optima batteries last longer than other standard batteries?
A: The Optima battery brand is among the highest quality batteries in the industry. There are several factors that make the Optima battery life last longer than other batteries, including:

  • Optima batteries are specially built with a "high purity" lead-tin grid.
  • The grid material in Optima batteries when compared to other standard batteries is more resistant to grid degradation. Grid degradation is a certain type of internal battery corrosion that affects the plates.
  • The fully sealed Optima battery design prevents water loss. This allows Optima batteries to effectively ward off plate dry-out and eventual failure.
  • Optima batteries are designed to prevent the active contact materials from shedding.
  • The Spiralcell design in Optima batteries ensures a secure fit. This design future in Optima batteries prevents the plate's active paste from shifting and loosening. Non Optima batteries that are not securely held down can encounter plate shedding and shorting.

Q: Why do Optima batteries experience minimal depreciation like most other batteries?
A: Optima batteries are designed with high demand usage in mind. An Optima battery is capable of withstanding high temperature situations, vibrations and heavy electronic drains. The Spiralcell design in Optima batteries is what protects the charge-producing active materials. Additionally, the design of Optima batteries is built to extend the Optima battery's cycling ability.

Q: Does an Optima battery experience gassing?
A: Rarely will an Optima battery experience gassing. Optima batteries should be used properly with a regulated voltage charging system. Under these conditions, an Optima battery will typically not gas. However, gassing can possibly occur if you charge an Optima battery at a higher voltage than specified. Although uncommon, gassing can potentially occur if an Optima battery is exposed to extremely hot conditions.

Q: What features signify the Optima battery Spiralcell design?
A: The Spiralcell design in Optima batteries offer features that are not available in standard batteries. Optima batteries and Optima's Spiralcell design is valued for:

  • More Optima battery plate surface, closer spacing of the plate, and the utilization high purity lead. This allows Optima batteries to render low internal resistance. The low resistance in Optima batteries provides increased power in a compact unit, faster recharging, and better voltage characteristics during Optima battery discharge.
  • Optima battery plates are locked in place. This Optima battery plate feature wards off detrimental vibrations, shedding, and loss of power as the Optima battery ages. This allows Optima batteries to last longer and perform better in the long run.

Q: What is the difference between RedTop Optima batteries, YellowTop Optima batteries and BlueTop Optima batteries?

  • RedTop Optima Batteries: RedTop Optima batteries are used for general engine starting where an alternator immediately monitors the charge as well as provides power to the Optima battery when needed. The RedTop Optima battery is best applied in most stock vehicles.
  • YellowTop Optima Batteries: YellowTop Optima batteries are ideal for electrical loads that demand higher than average energy. YellowTop Optima batteries are also best in a system that has a higher discharge cycle than a typical engine starting application. For instance, the YellowTop Optima battery would be beneficial for a vehicle without an alternator. In addition, YellowTop Optima battery applications include vehicles with large electrical demands that may surpass the alternator output.
  • BlueTop Optima Batteries: The BlueTop Optima battery is an Optima battery that is best used for starting purposes. The dual purpose BlueTop Optima battery can be used for starting as well as deep cycling applications. The BlueTop Optima battery should not be used for cycling duty.

An Optima battery recommendation to keep in mind is: if the Optima battery has a dark gray case then the Optima battery is a starting battery. If the Optima battery has a light gray case, then the Optima battery is a deep cycle battery.

Q: What causes Optima batteries to fail?
A: There are several factors that contribute to the failure of Optima batteries as well as most other general purpose batteries. Excessive heat causes corrosion, which can dry out the replacement Optima battery cell. Extreme cold weather can sometimes put a heavier drain on Optima batteries. Overcharging an Optima battery may cause overheating. Although typically a prolonged process, overcharging can eventually cause Optima batteries to depreciate. Other possible factors that can cause Optima batteries to fail include corroded terminals, sulfation due to inactivity, or electrical shorts in the Optima battery itself. These are just some of the general causes of Optima battery failure. Optima batteries are designed with Spiralcell Technology and are built to prevent failure. This puts Optima batteries at the top of the list for long lasting batteries.

Q: What is the best way to store Optima batteries?
A: Before storing an Optima battery, make sure it is fully charged. Test the Optima battery and charge the Optima battery if necessary. It also might be wise to purchase a battery maintainer for Optima battery storage. After a full charge and test, now you are ready for Optima battery storage. It is important to store Optima batteries in a cool, dry and well ventilated area out of the reach of children or pets. Check the level of the Optima battery charge every 30-45 days. A trickle charge using a battery maintainer or low amperage charge overnight might be necessary for certain Optima batteries depending on its purpose.

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Optima Battery, Optima Batteries, Deep Cycle Optima Marine Battery, Optima Motorcycle Batteries - Battery Giant - Optima Battery, Optima Batteries, Deep Cycle Optima Marine Battery, Optima Motorcycle Batteries - Battery Giant -