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PLC Battery | Programmable Logic Control Batteries On Sale

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Battery Giant offers a complete line of quality replacement PDA batteries for programmable logic controls (PLC) to keep your factory automation and assembly line up and running. We carry PLC batteries for leading manufacturers like Allen Bradley, Siemens, Texas Instruments, Koyo and more. You can buy with confidence that replacement Programmable Logic Control batteries from Battery Giant will have a long life at a great price.

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Battery Giant Is A Trusted Replacement PLC Battery Provider

Battery Giant is the trusted industry leader for the widest selection of replacement PLC batteries. Through our expansive collection of PLC batteries, searching for the right size, application or manufacturer recommended PLC battery is simple. Battery Giant strives to sustain an environmentally friendly enterprise as a trusted replacement programmable logic controller battery provider. If you are looking for the most comprehensive offering of the best priced PLC batteries, Battery Giant is the top source for a wide range of replacement PLC batteries.

Great Deals On PLC Batteries

Shop the Battery Giant online store for great deals on PLC batteries as well as other battery needs. You can explore our inventory of programmable logic controller batteries by manufacturer, ensuring that your PLC battery purchase suits your specific needs. At Battery Giant, we offer some of the lowest prices for PLC batteries. In addition, we back our inventory of PLC batteries with more than a decade of service and support in the retail battery industry. Find great deals on PLC batteries with Battery Giant.

PLC Battery Replacements For The Top Manufacturers

If you are looking for a replacement PLC battery for a specific brand controller, Battery Giant has you covered. We offer an extensive supply of PLC batteries for many of the top manufacturers of programmable logic controllers. Whether you are looking for a Siemens PLC battery, Texas Instruments PLC battery, Modicon PLC battery or Allen Bradley PLC battery, we can provide the specific PLC battery to fit your application. And if you already know the PLC battery part number, use Battery Giant's Quick Order option to make your PLC battery purchase even quicker and easier.

PLC Battery. Replacement PLC Batteries. Mitsubishi PLC Battery. Omron PLC Battery. Siemens PLC Battery. Replacement Battery For PLC Units. Battery Giant Has A Wide Variety Of Replacement PLC Battery Units For Many Programmable Logic Controllers. Shop Battery Giant at PLC Batteries Available Now Call 877-523-0070

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PLC Batteries Info | PLC Battery FAQs

At Battery Giant, we want our customers to be happy with their PLC battery purchase. We achieve this by providing our customers with all the information they need regarding PLC batteries. Below are basic PLC battery FAQs to help answer any of your general PLC battery questions.

Q: How does a PLC battery work?
A: A PLC battery works similar to other common batteries. PLC batteries store energy in a chemical form that can be released on demand as electricity. Each PLC battery cell consists of positive plates, negative plates and an electrolyte solution. PLC batteries produce electricity because of the chemical reaction between these elements.

Q: What should I consider when purchasing a replacement PLC battery?
A: There are three important factors to consider when buying replacement PLC batteries. While shopping for replacement PLC batteries, it is critical to consider size, power and warranty. Although it is recommended to consult the manufacturer's recommended guidelines in attaining the correct replacement PLC battery, below are some general factors to consider while selecting a replacement PLC battery.

First, you have to make sure the replacement PLC battery will fit. Check the physical dimensions of the new PLC battery with that of your original PLC battery. Next you need to consider what the required power is for the replacement PLC battery. Finally, you need to consider the PLC battery warranty period. We recommend choosing replacement PLC batteries with a warranty period that best fits your needs.

Q: What causes batteries for programmable logic controllers to fail?
A: There are several factors that contribute to the failure of replacement batteries for programmable logic controllers. Excessive heat causes corrosion, which can dry out the replacement PLC battery cell. Extreme cold weather can sometimes put a heavier drain on PLC batteries. Overcharging a PLC battery may cause overheating. Although typically a prolonged process, overcharging can eventually cause PLC batteries to depreciate. These are just some of the common causes of PLC battery failure. PLC batteries can vary in composition, which can influence how PLC batteries depreciate.

Q: How do you properly charge PLC batteries?
A: Proper charging of PLC batteries is important. It is best to use a charger that is specifically designed for PLC batteries or similar controller style batteries. Using the PLC batter charger, connect the leads to the proper (+)(-) terminals. Wiggle the PLC battery connectors to ensure a good connection. Adjust the settings on the PLC battery charger for correct voltage and amperage. Now you can plug in the PLC battery charger and turn it on. While charging PLC batteries in a well-ventilated area, periodically check on the PLC battery for any obvious signs of malfunction. Make sure that while charging PLC batteries that there is no signs of overheating. If the PLC battery is too hot to touch or if the PLC battery is gassing profusely, turn the charger off immediately. Once the PLC battery is fully charged, turn the charger off, unplug it from the wall and unhook the PLC battery charging cables. Always use caution when charging PLC batteries.

PLC Battery, Replacement PLC Batteries, PLC Battery Mitsubishi'Omron'Siemens Battery For PLC Units - Battery Giant -
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PLC Battery, Replacement PLC Batteries, PLC Battery Mitsubishi'Omron'Siemens Battery For PLC Units - Battery Giant - PLC Battery, Replacement PLC Batteries, PLC Battery Mitsubishi'Omron'Siemens Battery For PLC Units - Battery Giant -