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Security Alarm Batteries

Security Alarm Batteries

Home alarm batteries and home security batteries need to be reliable and long lasting. Power outages place people in their most vulnerable state. If your home or business is equipped with a battery operated security system, ensuring your system is operational in the event of a power outage is critical. Battery Giant has high quality home alarm batteries and security battery replacements to ensure your home or office alarm system stays up and running, when you most need it.

Find the battery for your security system:

There are many brands and models of alarm systems. These require batteries of various types and sizes. Besides the AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt batteries which are often required, there are various sealed lead acid batteries that are used by most alarm systems. In order to determine the appropriate battery for you alarm system, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Open and look inside your alarm box at your existing battery.
  2. Read the voltage (V) and amp-hour (AH) rating printed on your battery.
  3. Match your battery voltage (V) and amp-hour (AH) rating to the same or next highest amp-hour rating of the batteries below.

As a precaution, verify your battery dimensions to ours and as long as the dimensions are close to your existing battery, you will be fine. Click on the above links for battery dimensions and other information.