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eFest 26650 3500mAh 64A

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Product #: eFest-26650-3500
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These Efest IMR 64A batteries will really pump out the high current at 32A continuous, 64A pulse, and 3500mAh total capacity. These efest 26650 batteries have been awesome in our testing, being able to handle ridiculous current while going at it for a pretty long time. Both Efest 26650's are great for this, but this one's better if you're running really low resistance/high current, while the Efest 4200mAh is probably the better bet for most people with moderately low resistance/high current.


  • Chemistry: LI-Mn
  • Voltage: 3.7
  • mAh: 3500
  • Discharge Rate: 64A
  • Brand: eFest